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Get Thinner in 2 Weeks! - 12 Weeks to your Perfect Body

  • Lose 5 to 27 LBS.
  • Naturally Helps Increase Metabolism
  • Safely Aids Appetite Suppression
  • 30 Times the Antioxidants of Regular Green Tea
  • Plus More Healthy Benefits

One Dropper Dosage of powerful Green Tea Extract gives the same potency as drinking 10 Cups of Green Tea


Clinical Studies Show Green Tea Liquid Extract Works Naturally in 2 Ways:

Suppresses Appetite Safely
diet womanScientists at the University of Chicago have found that Green Tea caused rats to lose up to 23% of theirbody weight. Rats injected with a Green Tea Extract lost their appetites and consumed up to 60% less food after seven days of daily usage. The lead scientist on the study explained that a person would have to drink green tea almost constantly to obtain these results. Thus our Professional-Grade Green Tea Extract was designed to provide the constant supply of high potency green tea needed to achieve these weight loss results.

Increases Metabolism Naturally – Without Ephedra
A University of Geneva medical study showed that over a 24 hour period, Green Tea Extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. This increase of fat oxidation was higher than in subjects who used a placebo or caffeine. In addition, this stimulation of thermogenesis and fat oxidation by the Green Tea Extract was NOT accompanied by an increase in heart rate. Our Green Tea Extract provides a safe way to burn fat for healthy weight loss.

Green Tea Extract Has Become a Critical Supplement For Long Term Wellness

In addition to weight control benefits, Green Tea Extract has become an important nutrient because of the extraordinarily large volume of published scientific findings validating its multiple biological benefits. Significant scientific findings show that Green Tea Extract helps maintain cellular DNA and membrane structural integrity. Decades of research shows that green tea inhibits the development of undesirable cell colonies.

Green tea extract health benefits include:

  • Proven to help with weight loss
  • Reduces chances of stroke
  • Protects the prostate from cancer
  • One of the strongest anti-oxidants available
  • Helps digestion and reduces bloating
  • Normalizes healthy bacteria in the intestines
  • Proven to help prevent heart disease
    and more...

no_pillsOur Green Tea Liquid Extract contains the highest grade of green teaextractsavailable and is more potent and effectivethan green tea pills, patchesorsprays.
This professional-grade supplement is rich with all the great polyphenols that exhibit weight control, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, and anti-aging compounds.

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